What do we offer

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100% customized solutions for transfer within Puglia and beyond

Our fleets is composed by private Taxis (NCC) with chauffeur with the highest standards on the market

What do we offer?

Uniformed Staff

Our drivers wear an elegant and good looking blue suites. They will be ready to pick you up on time and always with utmost discrection.

Modern Fleet

Travel safe and with style… Our taxis are top level brands and models are comfortable, silent, climatized, with a minibar, DVD and microphones.


While travelling with us you will have the chance to enjoy our free Wi-Fi service, check your email, browse the internet and scroll your favourite social media feeds.

Non smoker drivers

In order to guarantee the best air quality level, smoking onboard is strictly forbidden during our transfers. In our fleet are completely banned cigarettes, even if electronic, sigars and other types of smoking products.

Approved car seats

Car seats are ECE R44/04 approved according to child’s weight.

Group 0 (less than 10 kg), Gruppo 0+ (up to 13 kg), Gruppo 1 (within 9-18 kg), Gruppo 2 (within 15-25 kg), Gruppo 3 (within 2-36 kg).


Afeter each transfer our taxis are cleaned and sanitized with proper products. We want to guarantee our passengers and their families top-level hygienic standards.

24/7 Service

Our Help Desk and our specialized personnel are online 24 hours a day.

We produce quotations and asnwer your questions as fast as we can thanks to our IT systems.

We will be helping you before and after your departure.

Professional drivers

Our staff is made of professional drivers “CAP” certified and english speaking. They are furthermore trained to be discrete and compliant.

They are all certificate in First Aid and fire prevention. When hired they need to demostrate also mechanics and risk prevention skills.

Custom prices

When booking, we will listend to your needs and present you a quotation that will meet your expectations.

Touristic Guide

If required, we will provide you with turistic tours and hire a guide who will be able to speak English, French, Spanish, Russian or Japanese.

Armed guards and body guards

If required we will provide you with security escort service trained for politician, celebrity, business people or other profiles’ safety.

Hostess and Steward

If needed we will arrange Steward or hostess services for meetings, parties or other events.

Disabled transport

We can arrange professional disabled transport and provide professional sanitary staff support.

Pets transport

You can travel with your small or middle-size pet in compliance with the law. This means that you can travel with your per using a leash, muzzle or a kennel. It’s a free service, we only need to know about your pet before we pick you up.